Povd XXX Review

Category:High Definition
Review Date:January 21, 2014
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Povd Full XXX Review

When I first heard of this new site POVD I was a little skeptical. For years I have been saying that some of the best things about porn are the sounds. Everyone loves to hear a hot girl moan as she gets banged or the sounds of an ass getting slapped. This site claims to take those sounds to a whole new level. I can say now, having spent some quality time in the site, that the claims are all true. POVD is the future of what quality porn can look and sound like. They shoot in HD and record in 3D sound. These two things elevate their scenes above and beyond what other people are doing.

I encourage you to do as the site recommends and put on your headphones. Then enlarge the video to full screen size and what you will find is that POVD gives you a fully immersed experience. The videos are beautiful looking. They are crystal clear and have a picture that is packed with detail. There are some nice viewing options here including WMV, MPG and MP4 format downloads or the ability to watch the movies in Flash format online streams. The sound is mind blowing. It is so crystal clear and in surround sound style 3D stereo so you will hear every little noise as if you were there in the room. Each scene also has a gallery of high quality pictures that do a great job of capturing the action. You can download the full galleries in .zip files if you would like.

The scenes are shot POV (Point Of View) style so they give you the feel of being the lucky guy that gets to bang the hot girl or girls. We see, and hear, everything the guy hears. Most of the scenes feature one guy and one sexy girl, but some feature a guy and two girls. The sex is erotic and the scenes are very well shot. This site oozes quality.

This is a band new site so it is a little on the small side, but everything in it is exclusive and it updates at least once per week with a new scene so it is growing fast. The design makes it easy to use and there are some nice features including a favorite’s option to save your favorite scenes for easy access later and a model directory that makes finding your favorite girls very simple.

We have a deal in place to give you a full membership to this site for just $17.95 per month. That is 41% off the normal price just for checking out our review.

When you add it all up, POVD offers a new, unique and very high quality experience that I have not seen on any other site. With incredible looking videos and mind blowing sound, this site will transport you into the action. The videos have great viewing options, the content is exclusive and updated regularly, and the site is easy to use. Add in the great price and it makes this one a unique and impressive experience. Don’t miss out on this site or you will be sorry!