Naughty Americans XXX Review

Review Date:April 29, 2013
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Naughty Americans Full XXX Review

You got to love technology. It wasn’t too long ago when it was very expensive and took some serious knowledge and equipment to shoot any kind of video. This made shooting homemade sex tapes something that was reserved for a limited group of people. Today high quality cameras are cheap and editing software is cheap or even free. Now anyone with the desire and a cell phone can make a sex tape. This reality is fueling a new explosion in amateur porn and Naughty Americans is at the forefront of this new explosion.

What initially sets this site aside from the many other similar sites out there is the quality of the videos. Many sites will put up just about anything they can get their hands on. This site will only post those videos that are in HD and look great. They want the highest quality homemade porn possible and they get just that. The videos are flawless and bring the action to life on the screen. They are offered in Flash format online streams that go up to 1080p resolution. The one drawback with the videos is that there are no download options; you can only watch them in online streams. When it comes to the pictures they too look great, even if they are a little on the small side.

The site is very easy to use. They separate the content into three sections: The Submitted section features those scenes sent in by the people in them. The Leaked section features those scenes that were leaked and ended up on the site without the people in them knowing it. The Voyeur section has videos that were shot without the people in them knowing they were being filmed. Some of the scenes in this site are marked as exclusive, but I have a feeling most of the scenes are exclusive. As of this writing the site was a little bit on the small side because it is new, but it updates every week with new scenes so it is growing at a good pace. This means any size issues should take care of themselves soon enough. You can browse the content by section or browse all the scenes together listed by the date they were added. There is also a keyword search option and a model’s directory that allows you to easily find your favorite girls and all of their scenes.

The action itself is great. Amateur porn is often better than pro porn because the people in the scenes are doing it for fun and not because they are getting paid. Here the couples are having fun as they get naked and crazy. I had a great time watching them in action and look forward to seeing what more this site has in store.

The price here is very fair with a monthly membership costing only $17.95.

When you add it all up this site is a winner. The girls are hot, the action is great and the videos and pictures look fantastic. The site has a few minor flaws including a lack of video downloads and the reality that this is a new site, but the size issue will take care of itself. The price is very fair and I think it all comes together nicely to make a site that is off to a great start and should continue to get better.

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